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IrisFMG is a professional sintered slab brand under the Italian Iris Ceramica Group. The founder, Mr Romano Minozzi, established the brand in 1998 with the goal of combining technology with beauty and improving the quality of materials through modern machinery perfectly, giving birth to the well-known MaxFine series. 

From the selection of raw materials to the production, FMG’s products are produced through strict standards, creating a piece of slab that can meet the most innovative and complex needs. The brand also emphasizes on the environment, with ISO 1400, EMAS certification and LEED certification, combining innovative technology with classic Italians craftsmanship to present the beauty of natural stone with slate. 

Operating in more than 100 countries around the world, FMG's products provide a wide range of solutions for all building uses and living needs, from engineering to residential, medical to leisure. Products can be found in famous high end brands such as Ferrari, Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior.